In the midst of the Swiss Alps, the tiny village of Zermatt awaits for those looking for a family vacation or romantic week for two. The 6,000 inhabitants are there to welcome as many as 20,000 visitors during the winter. Many of those visitors wanting an all Swiss experience choose to stay an original Swiss Chalet like the Chalet Huwi and other affordable and comfortable Zermatt accommodations.

Some of the most fun-filled ski resorts are located here, such as the Matterhorn. There, the German-speaking Canton of Valais is a major draw for visitors who can experience a touch of Italy too. With the Italian border only 10 kilometers away, winter visitors enjoy the Swiss slopes by day and the Italian foods by evening.

Dining And Resting In Zermatt

Café DuPont is one of the oldest restaurants in town, a pride of Switzerland. It is a must-do dining experience as is a stay at Winkelmatten another beautiful Chalet. Zermatt is a tiny town, but it is centrally located to the Geneva airport and the Zurich airport too with easy access by train. With so much authentic beauty of Switzerland in Zermatt, you’ll need to plan a return trip to experience all the wonderful Zermatt hotels there are.  

One of the most thrilling ski slopes in Switzerland is the Matterhorn, but there are others as well. Running between Mont Blanc and Zermatt is the Haute Route. This is no doubt one of the most challenging routes and can take the most experienced several days to finish. When finished though, there is nothing better than to know that you have a Zermatt accommodation like Parkhotel Beau Site waiting for you.

A beautiful luxury Zermatt hotel like Hotel Daniela is just right for the family on a holiday with budget. Or the wonderful Hotel Mirabeau and where Chef Alain Kuster prepares a meal that is fit for a King or Queen. When touring the Matterhorn, there is nowhere better to be for a breakfast that will last down each and every slope, even active children that are always hungry.

You’ll Never Be Bored Here

Whether you are here for a romantic weekend or a family vacation, Gornergrat is one excursion you can’t miss and every Zermatt lodging is close by. There are over 20 peaks to view from here that are four thousand-meter, the Alpine region record. You won’t be able to not become immerse in the variety of these mountains. The panorama view is more than just breathtaking.

Don’t forget about the historically filled museums where you’ll see Zermatt from its beginnings to its present day flourish. The originals of Zermatt came here as Alpine explorers and found the beauty of life, even after the tragic ending to the first of those attempting to climb these Swiss Alps in 1865.