No matter how long your stay will be in Switzerland, the city of Zermatt has many attractions waiting for you. No matter what time of the year you find yourself in Zermatt, it will seem like a wonderful holiday dream that you won’t want to wake up from. And there are many Zermatt Hotels, all in convenient locations for your visit. 

This country is bordered by France, Germany and Italy as well as Austria and Liechtenstein. With the Alps on one side and the Swiss Plateau on the other side, this country takes 41,285 km, with the Alps take up the bigger part of that area. The population of Switzerland is estimated at around 8 million with the majority living mainly on the Plateau in the larger cities.

Size Means Nothing Here

Switzerland may be a small country in size, but the activities and attractions are as large as they come. The country is known for not only its beauty and charm, but for it low crime rate too. You won’t have trouble finding Zermatt accommodation that are centrally located, making it easy for a day trip to Geneva. There you can spend a day just soaking up the fresh air, sunshine and friendly people.

Or take a day trip to the Jungfrau Region where you won’t believe the spectacular scenery. The 169 square kilometers of the Swiss National Park in Zernez is a beautiful area to behold as well. The mountains and woodlands are like nothing else you’ll see anywhere in the world.

Indoor Beauty and Entertainment Too

If the outdoor day trips aren’t for, the transport system in Zermatt is an efficient system with cable cars, ferries and trains. Each method will take you to your desired destination to enjoy ancient and modern architecture as well as castles and museums. In this country of many contrasts, you can choose from the outdoor beauty tours to the tours of a medieval downtown area with modern architecture.

The major cities in and around Zermatt are full of places to adore beautiful, one-of-a-kind art or sit and listen to music while sipping a glass of wine. Travel abroad worries of crime and safety are non-existent. Some of the world’s most important historical monuments are located in and around Zermatt and any of the fine Zermatt hotels are close enough to walk to them.

You won’t ever be bored in Zermatt with the variety of things to do. In fact, you’ll most likely not have enough time to all the things you want to do. You will find that no matter your Zermatt accommodation, they are all close to everything. Climb and hike the mountains or go skating and skiing. Paragliding, sledding and tobogganing are at your convenience in this beautiful part of the country.