Zermatt offers impressive and breath-taking mountains perfect for your excursion plans on your next vacation trip. Among the most popular excursion mountains in Zermatt are the great Matterhorn, Rothorn and Gornergrat. Their mountain panoramas are considered among the best all over Switzerland.


Among the highest Alps peaks is the great Matterhorn (4,478 metres). Others call it the Mountain of Mountains because of its majestic and fascinating view. This mountain should be placed at the top of your list when you visit Zermatt. It is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Matterhorn is popularly known as the iconic symbol of the Alps in Switzerland. The widely known route to its summit is the northeast Hörnli ridge which takes 6 hours and has an AD+/III+ rating.

Matterhorn has accessible rails and cable cars, making your tour around the summit easier. Its cable car station is the highest in Europe, standing 3,883 metres high. Among its other facilities include an observation window, a cinema lounge and a restaurant. You may also enjoy skiing and snowtubing during the summer season. Tourists may enjoy the Theodul Glacier’s ski area all-year-round.

Aside from the facilities that you can enjoy during your visit to the summit, Matterhorn is also the training ground of almost all the national ski teams all around the world. If you’re a fan of an international ski athlete, try visiting Matterhorn during summer. You might get a chance for an autograph of your favourite star.


Also known as Unterrothorn, Rothorn is the best choice for you to start your holiday excursion. During the summer season, you will enjoy its exciting hikes towards the summit; while during the winter, you can experience direct entry to its ski pistes.

Upon reaching Rothorn’s summit, which stands 3,103 metres high, tourists will enjoy the amazing mountain panorama of Weisshorn and Matterhorn. You may also take a cable car via Blauherd and Sunnegga if you don’t want to go hiking.

Rothorn is also famous for its paragliding activities and its difficult trail towards Oberrothorn where endemic plants can be found.


If you want to experience an unforgettable mountain panorama in your holiday excursion, you must try visiting Gornergrat. It is among the top excursion spots since the year 1898. Its cog railway is also the first to be completely electrified worldwide.

The 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, the highest in Europe when it comes to altitude, is located in the summit station of Gornergrat. Tourists may enjoy its astronomical observatory, eye-catching shops and restaurant to complete your one-of-a-kind experience.