Staying healthy during your Zermatt vacation

There is nothing worse than planning your Switzerland vacation for months and getting sick as soon as you arrive in Zermatt.  Unfortunately, traveling takes it toll on our bodies because we are exposed to new cuisines, travel stress and anxiety and new daily routines.  It is not uncommon for travelers to get fewer hours of sleep per night while on vacation.  Even excitement about your trip can cause the same reaction on your body as stress over delayed flights or missed connections.  However, if you take a few easy steps before and during your trip to Zermatt, you will stay healthy to enjoy the best Matterhorn ski vacation possible.

Get plenty of rest – Before and during your vacation, make sure you get a good night’s sleep each night.  It is easy to cut your sleep short before vacation trying to get everything ready and during your vacation because you want to do everything on your wish list. However, a lack of sleep will weaken your body’s ability to fight off illnesses.

Drink water – Dehydration will also make you more vulnerable to infection.  Stay hydrated during your trip by drinking plenty of water.

Stick with your routine – If you rise early, go to bed early, always eat breakfast or exercise every day, stick with your routine.  By staying on a routine, you body will adjust better to other things such as time differences and strange foods.

Take your medications – If you take daily medications, make sure that you pack them and take them each day.  Taking a daily multi-vitamin before your vacation and during your vacation is also a good way to keep you healthy.

Wash your hands – Wash your hands often with warm soap and water to keep germs at bay.  It is a good idea to carry a small container of antibiotic hand sanitizer with you at all times during your trip and use it often.  If it is under three ounces (pack a larger container in your checked luggage), you can carry it onto the flight with you to protect from germs on the seats and other surfaces on the airplane.

Zermatt is the perfect location for your Switzerland ski vacation so do not let anything get in the way of a great time.  Take care of yourself before and during your trip and make sure to leave plenty of time for simply relaxing and enjoying the great views out of your Zermatt hotel room.

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