Five Things you will Love about Zermatt

ZermattZermatt is among the best ski villages in Switzerland that is best to spend your vacation with. Whether you are going to stay in the place just to unwind or go there for activities, this will definitely fulfill all your needs.

Just like any other places, Zermatt has something that you will definitely love too. If you haven’t visited the place yet, you may consider the things that will make us fall in love about the place indeed. On the other hand, if you have had visited it already, you may haven’t tried those interesting things yet which you should give a try the next time around.  Come on as we learn the 5 things you will love about Zermatt.

Making memories is definitely one of the things we do in hitting a place. But what’s just interesting about it is that there are specific ones to not miss when you are visiting a certain place. And when you go to Zermatt, these are the ones that you should not miss.


You may have heard about fondue. It’s one of the Switzerland’s favorites. It comes with different flavors such as chocolate and cheese. But the common one at Zermatt is cheese and it is perfectly pair with bread.  Aside from the being one of Switzerland’s favorites, it is also named as national dish of the country.

Way back centuries ago, cheeses and bread are the ones used to feed to people during the winter months at the place. This is due to the limited access to fresh food they have. But long before, it is still a problem despite of its availability of cheese and bread since both is overstocked making it difficult for individuals to consume. But later on, they have discovered that if they melt cheese mixing with wine, garlic, and herbs for season, it softens the bread if dipped. There, the cheese fondue started.

Most of the restaurants at Zermatt offer such dish. But to give you idea, some of the known restaurants cheese fondue is served; you can find it at Restaurant Stadel, Whymper-Stube, and Alpenrose. Thus, if you are looking for a place at Zermatt where you can taste the national dish of the country, you know already on where to find it.

The Views

It may be common to see the views when you get to step at the place but the question is, have you see all the views Zermatt has? Perhaps, if you have a 2 day stay at the place and that you have no idea on what to do, you might want to consider of knowing what other views the place has to offer.

Among the views you can see at the place are the following:

Matterhorn which is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy, it is the most photographed mountain of the world and is Switzerland’s most famous landmark.

Summit of the Gornergrat, also one of the most beautiful views that you should not miss when you visit Switzerland. This rocky ridge of the Pennine Alps can be reached by Gornergrat rack railway which is named as the highest open-air railway in Europe.

Village Tour Zermatt. The best part of going to different places or country is that we are given the chance to take a tour to a certain area of it. This is also available in Switzerland particularly at Zermatt. What you get to see during the tour are the 30 ancient buildings which show the traditional building style of the original Walser residents and at the same time, you will be able to see the almost 5 centuries old barns and grains stores the place had been preserving to show to every tourist how the mountain farmers of Zermatt once lived. These are just some of the things you get to see when you take the Village Tour of the Zermatt.

Rothorn. In case you don’t know yet, this place shows the highest peaks of the Valais Alps. This is famous for activities like hiking for summer and skiing during winter. In reaching the place, cable cars are the known and common form of transportation that will carry out visitors to step a foot at the Summit of Rothorn.

Gorner gorge. Going together with your family in visiting Zermatt, you can bring along them with you in one of the most fascinating natural beauties of the place which is the Gorner gorge.  This place is marked by bizarre formations and spectacular waterfalls which make this place an interesting to visit and you should not miss indeed. You can book for a mountain tour in this place and when you do, it is best done during summer around mid-September, between 3pm and 4pm to see the natural beauty of the place particularly the color of the waterfalls.

Go on Adventure

Should you be visiting Zermatt in the future, going on an adventure during your stay in there is one of the things you should not miss. There are a lot of activities which you can experience a real adventure. If skiing and snowboarding are mainstream to do already, might as well going on a mountain tour and experience the real beauty of Zermatt. Experience hiking, get to meet Valais Goats, and drinking from a fountain with no danger to think of, you can have it all into one tour. You might not know yet, Zermatt is abundant of natural springs making it 100% self-sufficient when it comes to the supply of potable water. In fact, the place comes with a total of 94 natural springs and has four natural rivers namely Gornera, Triftbach, Zmuttbach and Findelbach. Definitely, going on adventure during your stay will leave you good memories and knowledge too about the place.


Unwinding is one of the main reasons, perhaps, why you would visit the place. And Zermatt offers you a good way to relax and that is with the help of spa service. This particular service is common in the place to help every guest get eased from the things they have had done during the day. In fact, getting this service is very easy as most of the hotels offer it and that; you can have this service anytime of the day even on your first foot step in the place.

Spa service is very common to most hotels. But to give you names of it, here are just some of hotels where you can find this service: Alpenhof SPA, Backstage Hotel Vernissage spa, Best Western Alpen Resort spa & indoor pool, Europe Hotel & Spa, and more.


From the moment we visit a certain place, the things we never want to miss of bringing back home are the souvenirs the place offers. Zermatt, just like other places, gives you the opportunity to bring with you the ones it has. Plenty of shops sell souvenirs that you can only see here. Common stuff you can have is postcards, t-shirts, magnets, travel posters, bag tags, and more which all has the Zermatt’s mountains printed on it making it really good memories to bring with you home and even to share to your friends too. Chocolates are also sold in various shops. There are more to see and several options you can select and bring with you when you go back home. Depending on your selection, you have wide selections of options from this place indeed.

Planning what you can do to the place you want to visit is really essential. It doesn’t save you from wasting your time and money, but it also gives you more knowledge of knowing what a certain place has. Just like when you plan to stay for a vacation at Zermatt, it is really important to know what the things are you should not miss when you get a chance to. In this way, you can definitely enjoy, relax, and have fun during your entire stay.  And if you are planning to hit the place sometime this year, we can help you in booking your stay and everything only here at Zermatt Accommodation.

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