Awesome Activities are Excellent Reasons to Vacation in Zermatt

ZermattMost people think of visiting the mountains of Zermatt, Switzerland, to experience the fun and excitement of world-class skiing and exceptional accommodations. Believe it or not, there are other things you can do when you vacation in Zermatt. And you don’t have to stick to the wintertime, either.

For instance, you can book a trip to visit the Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps reaching 14,692 feet and the last to be climbed in the Alps. It is the number one attraction that brings tourists to Zermatt. There are many activities that are based on this tall, majestic mountain that has taken the lives of many curious climbers.

Bathe in the rich tradition of ancient folk art and gorgeous architecture unique to the region. Travel around the town of Zermatt, visiting the museums, learning all you can about the people, land and history along the way.

If you visit during one of the warmer months, you should seek out the Gorner Gorge. This is a popular spot for tourists who wish to walk the gorge, which was created during the last Ice Age. Imagine walking one of the breathtaking paths over the gorge, looking down into an immense piece of historical art that was painted many, many years ago. It is a can’t-miss location for anyone visiting Zermatt.

You may not think about mountains in Zermatt without seeing them covered in snow but if you go during a warm month of the year, you will see them and not only that, you can try out a new experience at the same time – mountain climbing. Don’t dismiss this activity because you think it would be too hard or because you have children with you. There are spots in and around Zermatt that offer this activity to people of all ages and skill levels, including children! Maybe the next time you think of Zermatt, you will picture mountains without snow on them.

Can anyone really visit Zermatt – or Switzerland for that matter – without finding out how cheese is made? The answer to that question is: Not if they know what’s good for them. To avoid the embarrassment of telling everyone back home that you didn’t find out this very important aspect of Switzerland, visit the cheese maker in the village of Zermatt or the one just outside the village in the mountains, watch them do what they do by taking a tour of the facilities and, of course, taste the cheeses, which are also offered in the various bakeries in town.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Zermatt, you will wish you had all the time in the world to experience everything. Book your next skiing trip to a hotel in Zermatt and while you are enjoying the slopes and the luxury of the hotel or resort on your off-time, don’t forget to absorb the beauty, adventure and flavor of the wonderful Swiss culture.


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