Avoiding pickpockets and theft while traveling

If you are planning a vacation in Zermatt, rest assured that Zermatt ski resorts and the surrounding area is an extremely safe place to travel and stay in Europe.  This is one of the reasons that so many tourists choose Zermatt when planning a Switzerland ski vacation – – that and the fantastic Zermatt lodging options.  However, when traveling to reach Zermatt, you may encounter pickpockets or other thieves who want to part you from your money and belongings.  It is just common sense when traveling to take precautions to avoid theft.

Unfortunately, petty theft like pick-pocketing and purse snatching follow crowds of tourists.  When tourists are interested in the fantastic views of the Matterhorn or engaged with their children, they make themselves easy targets for thieves.  However, by taking a few precautions, you can keep your valuables safe while traveling in Europe.

Travel tips to keep your belongings safe

  • Leave your most valuable items at home – – you do not need to wear that expensive set of pearls or the huge diamond ring that your great-grandmother left you.
  • Skip the expensive, designer luggage – – this screams that what you have inside is worth snatching.
  • Use your hotel safe to store valuables during the day, as they are much safer in the hotel safe than in your backpack or pocket book.  Do not leave expensive items (i.e. cameras, laptops, etc.) laying out in plain view – – tuck them away in your luggage when you leave your room or put them in the room’s safe.
  • Keep your bags secure when you are walking, standing or sitting.  Make sure you loop the straps around your legs or the chair when you are sitting down to eat or wait for a train.  Making it inconvenient for a thief will usually result in him or her passing on your bag and looking for one that is easier to pick up while passing by.
  • Make sure that you look around before you leave to ensure that you have not forgotten an item. Tourists will often loose items that are then stolen and never recovered.  When you begin to leave a restaurant, train, museum or other place, make sure that you have all of your items so nothing is left behind.
  • Be careful in crowds and be alert if you witness a commotion of some type as thieves use these as a distraction.

Thankfully, Zermatt is very safe for travel; however, it is always wise to be alert when traveling to any region to avoid problems.

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