15 fun facts about Switzerland

If you are planning your family summer vacation in Zermatt, it might be fun to entertain each other with fun facts about Switzerland.  If you have traveled to Switzerland before, you may think you know all there is to know about this beautiful country. However, there are always more interesting facts that you can learn.  So, on your way to your Zermatt accommodation, see which family member knows the most about Switzerland.

1.  What is the highest peak in Switzerland?  It is not the Matterhorn as many people believe but it is actually the Dufour peak that is shared with Italy.

2.  What five countries boarder Switzerland?  Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Liechtenstein

3.  What is the highest waterfall in Europe?  Mürrenbachfall with a 2450-foot drop

4.  How did yodeling start?  It was a form of communication for farmers.

5.  Switzerland is only one-third the size of New York.

6.  You are never more than 15 miles away from a river or a lake when you are in Switzerland – no matter where in the country you are at the time.

7.  The French word “fondue” means melted.  In all four official languages of Switzerland, it is called fondue even though it is a French word.

8.  The world’s longest train tunnel through a mountain is located in Switzerland.

9.  The world’s longest covered bridge is the ChapelBridge in Lucerne.

10.  The only Olympic Museum in the world is located in the Switzerland town of Lausanne.

11.  There is one town in Switzerland that has three official languages.  The residents of Bivio have Italian, German and Rhaetoromansh as its official languages.

12.  How many pounds of chocolate does the average Swiss eat each year?  The Swiss are the world’s largest consumers of chocolate with the average person consuming 22 pounds of chocolate each year.

13.  The first person to travel around the world in a hot air balloon was from Switzerland – Bertrand Piccard.

14.  The Hammetschwand at the Bürgenstock is the highest open-air passenger elevator in the world at 525 feet.

15.  The Gelmerbahn is the steepest aerial cable-way in the world with a 106% incline.

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