Zermatt, Switzerland is considered a dreamland for skiers, snowboarders, or anyone who appreciates the peace and beauty of a snow covered mountain. But it is also a popular destination for anybody who enjoys the outdoors, and want a chance to witness the breathtaking natural beauty Zermatt has to offer.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you are planning your own trip.

  1. Think Outside Of Winter – Obviously, snow activities are going to be the best known, and most popular, attractions in Zermatt. But you shouldn’t limit your imagination to winter getaways. During the warmer months, the mountains are a fantastic location for biking, hiking, and camping. So if you aren’t a fan of freezing temperatures and snowsuits, you can enjoy yourself during the spring and summer months, just as well.
  2. More Than The Matterhorn – Since the late 1800’s, the Matterhorn has been one of the biggest attractions in the world, bringing in visitors from all around the globe. But there is more to Zermatt than this towering peak. From the Forest Fun Park to Breithorn, you should plan plenty of time to check out the many sights and offerings available in Zermatt.
  3. Take The Train – You don’t want to miss the scenic views between your major stopping point and your final destination. If you are arriving from Zurich or Geneva (as many people will be), considering taking the train. The trip is longer than driving, but the view is worth it. It is also significantly cheaper, as you won’t have to pay parking fines when you arrive.
  4. Make It A Family Affair – There are a number of family friendly accommodations and activities in Zermatt that make it a great location for a family holiday. That includes a number of ski and snowboarding schools that offer instructional classes on the mountain, or smaller slopes that are appropriate for small children.
  5. Get A Little Fancy – The Zermatterhof Hotel is one example of several that are worth paying more for. Extremely fancy, they are all about the details, such as the horse drawn carriage ride from the train station when you arrive. You will find quite a few options if you wish to pamper yourself during your stay, such as fine dining establishments, and spas.

A trip to Zermatt is an experience you will never forget, but that you will certainly be glad you took.